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Human Sciences Institute in Brittany

Our objective: dynamise research in the Human and Social Sciences in Brittany

The aim of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme en Bretagne (Human Sciences Institute in Brittany) is to structure, dynamise and raise the profile of research in the Human and Social Sciences carried out in Brittany.
It was founded by the 4 universities of Brittany and the CNRS (The French National Centre for Scientific Research), and brings together over 1000 researchers and research lecturers. The work of the 44 research units involved covers most of the subject areas in sociology, political science, psychology, literature, economics, law, etc.
It also acts as the research platform for the PRES université européenne (European University Research and Higher Education Cluster) in Brittany.

Its research activity is grouped into 4 major areas:

  • the ‘Sociétés et santé’ (Societies and Health) group which seeks to produce multidisciplinary analyses of health issues, taking into account the spatial, temporal, and cultural diversity of societal life;
  • the ‘Usages des TIC - M@rsouin’ (ICT Usage - M@rsouin) group supports research into e-practice and the changes it brings about in social practice, working alongside the M@rsouin Groupement d’Intérêt Scientifique (Group of Scientific Interest);
  • the ‘Mondes armoricains et atlantiques’ (Armorican and Atlantic Worlds) group conducts research into the areas bordering either side of the Atlantic;
  • the ‘Gouvernance’ (Governance) group analyses ways of managing human societies across varying periods, situations and territories.

A further part of the MSHB’s remit is to support emerging subject areas which could find a place within institutional structures, and to act as a relay to access the research programmes of other MSHs. The MSHB is a member of the national MSH network.
Its mission is to foster interdisciplinary work, develop research projects involving several institutions, and encourage an international dimension.

Implementing a genuinely multidisciplinary approach

Projects to which the MSHB lends its support bring together researchers and teams working in different disciplines in Literature and the Human and Social Sciences, as well as those working in fields outside the Humanities.

The multi-institutional dynamic

The projects involve members of at least two teams belonging to at least two different institutions in the region. The same applies to projects involving a Breton team and a team working in another MSH in the national network.

An international outlook

The MSHB works to encourage international exchanges.


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