en arts, lettres, langues, sciences humaines et sociales

15 mai 2023
Cet appel à contributions est lancé pour un colloque qui aura lieu à l'université de Palerme du 17 au 19 juillet 2023. Date limite de soumission des résumés le 30 mai 2023.


The need to problematize migration has never been more urgent. Pervasive austerity policies have, unsurprisingly, been unable to achieve their stated aims of stopping immigration. Instead, they have systematically under-resourced migration infrastructure and implemented policies and programs that increasingly isolate newcomers and remove or further complicate paths to inclusion. As a result, social relations beyond the state have become increasingly important as both an alternative and necessity to survive state abandonment and vulnerablization. This conference aims to bring together diverse perspectives that dwell in the particular, think through the specific, and offer thick description of migration between state and non-state life.


Modalities of participation and deadline

Send abstracts by May 30th, 2023

to Stefano Montes, Jacob Bessen or Gaetano Sabato.

Abstracts, max 300 words, include title, 3 key-words and a short biography (max 5 lines, not to be counted among the 300 words). Applicants will be notified by June 10th.

The conference will take place, in-person, in Palermo.

Admitted languages are English, Italian, French and Spanish. Each speech is 20 minutes. Registration to the Conference is free of cost. Grants are not foreseen. Travel, accommodation and food costs are to be covered by participants.