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16 juin 2021
The call is dedicated to the challenges and dynamics of change within Europe. Deadline: Juli 23, 2021 (International research projects)


"Europeans are living longer than ever before and the age profile of society is rapidly evolving. (…) Such developments are likely to have profound implications, not only for individuals, but also for governments, business and civil society" (Ageing Europe, EUROSTAT 2019). Once called a "silent revolution" this development is becoming more and more the decisive challenge for Europe in the future.

In light of this societal transformation, the Foundation encourage researchers to develop research-based impulses for future cooperation within Europe to master this challenge and to really tap the potential of "successful" ageing. There is a great heterogeneity of ageing on the continent. Therefore, comparative research is needed to address this imbalance, for the program especially addresses systematically interrelated problems which can only be dealt with collectively at the European level.

Deadline: Juli 23, 2021 (International research projects)