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10 octobre 2019
The eleventh annual conference of the Research Network on the History of the Idea of Europe will take place in Venice, 24-26 June 2020. Deadline : 2nd of december 2019.



The history of Europe is as much about violence and divisions – including religious wars, national clashes and ideological conflicts – as it is about shared cultural, social and economic accomplishments. If war has been such a constant presence in the history unfolding on the continent, the incessant efforts to limit its destructiveness are also an undeniable fact. It was such efforts that eventually led to the birth of Jus ad bellum and, ultimately, laid down the foundations of modern international law. From such a viewpoint, one might even find another definition of what European history might be. Some scholars have suggested that if war has structured a common European space, the containment of violence and the art of peacemaking have constituted ‘Europe’ in thought and practice.


Submission guidelines

The themes listed above are examples and by no means limited to the exclusion of others. Scholars of history, international law, legal history, philosophy, political science, literature and any other discipline related to the topic are invited to send their proposals (max. 300 words, with a title and a short biography) to

before 02 December 2019

Please note that the working language will be English. There will be no fees for participating.




Matthew D'Auria


Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Venise, Italie







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