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28 juin 2021
The European Court of Auditors and the European University Institute in Florence (Italy) have set up a grant scheme for researchers in the field of European public finance and the EU budget. Deadline of submission 30th July 2021.


Two research grants (5,000 euros each) are available in 2021 for researchers in the field of European public finance.

The aim is to promote original research into the EU’s public finances and their impact, as well as into the development of the EU's accountability and audit, in addition to forging a community of researchers in this field.

The scheme is open to academic researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including law, political science, economics, sociology, public administration and history.

It is open to postgraduate students (master’s and doctoral candidates) and to postdoctoral students, as well as to university teachers who have completed their master's degree or doctorate within the past ten years and who currently hold an academic post.

Each year two research grants of 5,000 euros each are made available to enable researchers to access and dig into the Historical Archives of the European Union, a unique resource for researchers at the EUI and far beyond. Housed in the ancient mansion Villa Salviati in Florence, the archives contain a wealth of primary documents deposited by the EU institutions, many of which have never been closely examined by researchers.

The scheme began in 2007 and has since enabled original research into many areas: the role of the EU institutions, the evolution of compliance, the development of audit methodology, shared management in policy implementation, multi-level governance, the EU regional policy, the emergence of institutional norms and values, the EU development policy, etc.